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Darkness Binds

Feature Film (1 hr 11 min) United States Forced to return to her childhood home in the midst of personal tragedy, Kara soon realizes that secrets can lay buried, but never forgotten. September Brothers Productions presents their second feature length… Read More »Darkness Binds


Feature Film (1 hr 20 min) United States WINNER, BEST FEATURE: 2021 HorrorHound Film Festival. In the dog days of 2020, a year in which every hour brought a new horror, a group of old friends stumble across a very… Read More »FRESH HELL

Dying 2 Meet U

Feature Film (1 hr 40 min) United States After a terrible accident leaves Goldman Andrews scarred for life, his parents produce a dating reality TV show – in order to find him a perfect wife. Nine “bachelorettes” fly to France… Read More »Dying 2 Meet U


Feature Film (2 min 5 sec) United States In the small town of Eden, Tennessee, a neglected and naive teenage girl named Clara Banks has made a habit of deceiving people online for gifts, a gambit known as “catfishing.” She… Read More »Fisher


Feature Film (1 hr 27 min) France Chemical Explosion in Beirut. At the same time, a bunch of hackers meet in the Parisian suburbs, plotting to sabotage the system. Director Christophe Karabache Writers Christophe Karabache May Kassem Stars Astrid Adverbe… Read More »KAMALOCA


Feature Film (1 hr 29 min) United States Danielle is your average college student getting ready to graduate. At a party she seems to become drunk, passes out and wakes up in the spare bedroom of a man named Edgar.… Read More »ReSet

Night Caller

Feature Film (1 hr 24 min) United States A telephone psychic is pulled into a complex web of mystery when she receives a call from a serial killer.   Director Chad Ferrin Writer Chad Ferrin Stars Steve Railsback Susan Priver… Read More »Night Caller


Feature Film (1 hr 39 min) United States Written and directed by Roger Conners, Rebirth was conceived as a tribute film to George A. Romero’s iconic masterpiece Night of the Living Dead. Tragically, the film was thought to be lost… Read More »Rebirth