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Toast the Ghost

Featurette (39 min 45 sec) United States An ode to Halloween in which storytellers share history, lore, and personal stories of the weird and supernatural.  

Deep Shock

Featurette (29 min) United Kingdom Sarah can’t completely overcome the deaths of her grandfather and her older sister. The trauma and lack of sleep cause her to embark on a strange journey of apparitions and murders, apparently caused by her… Read More »Deep Shock

Straw Man

Featurette (56 min) United States With countless sleepless nights in a house he’s not familiar with, Alec (Ryan Peterson) begins to question every movement he makes. Andrew Alan K. Director Andrew Alan K. Writer Kenan Leslie Producer Mark Miloro Key… Read More »Straw Man

Going Fishin’?

Featurette (30 min) United States Three Average guys going fishing … what could possibly go wrong? Ned Sanders Director Ronald Faenza Writer Matthew Benkner Writer Ronald Faenza Producer Matthew Benkner Producer Ronald Faenza Key Cast “Ron” Matthew Benkner Key Cast… Read More »Going Fishin’?

The Wolf

Featurette (23 minutes) United States A damaged vigilante returns to her old cult to rescue other prisoners and end the nightmares of her traumatic upbringing, but upon reuniting with a long lost childhood friend she must confront the aftermath of… Read More »The Wolf


Featurette (45 min) United States Mara Malicky’s pristine image is threatened when her ASMR channel is hacked and she finds herself forced to do her blackmailer’s bidding. It isn’t long until she realizes that more than just her reputation is… Read More »MERIDIAN