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5 people wake up in an old house in the middle of nowhere, with little memory of how or why they are there. They’ll need to find out, even if it kills them.


A group of largely forgotten B- and Z-grade movie actors must band together, battle monstrous creatures, and survive the night when an ancient evil is unleashed at a horror film convention..

Nana Vesper

A woman’s dementia turns deadly when she begins to suffer murderous Voodoo influenced impulses, hallucinations, and flashbacks when her nosy grandson begins asking too many questions.


A popular bourbon distillery hosts their annual shareholders tasting night. As the night unfolds, we learn what’s behind the scenes for this company as the evening makes a macabre turn.

False Shepherd

“Sent for reasons unknown to her, a shy teenage girl struggles to survive the horrors of an abusive religious reform school.” For reasons unknown to her, fifteen year old Rhiannon Murphy is thrown into a van and sent to Chalcedon,… Read More »False Shepherd

Girls Trip

Jessie joins her girlfriends on what she believes is going to be a simple girls’ trip, unaware of the dark plot she’s just walked into.

Fear Catcher

A group of college friends stumble across a dream catcher that has the power to make them face their greatest fears. They must work together to defeat an ancient evil, avoid a suspicious police officer, and come to terms with… Read More »Fear Catcher