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Closet Space

Gavin, a struggling actor living in Los Angeles, comes to grips with the fact that he has failed to break into the biz. He decides to leave town and contacts his friend Erik to see if he would be willing to have him crash at his house and wrestle with his internal demons while he figures out his next move.
Erik agrees to have Gavin stay, but Gavin is unaware of a new development in Erik’s life. He has an actual Demon living in the closet of the home he recently moved into. The Demon slowly takes more and more control over Erik forcing him to stay, lure victims to the house, and assist in their demise as the Demon devours them always wanting more.
When Gavin arrives, Erik is conflicted about whether or not he will feed Gavin to the Demon, but knows that if he doesn’t appease the Demon, he will then be devoured by it. Gavin feels like a complete loser in comparison to Erik who he superficially thinks has it all; luxury car, stable job, new house. Erik tries to cheer Gavin up and even shares what is going on, but Gavin thinks Erik is only kidding.
Erik attempts to shove Gavin in the closet, but trips and falls in himself. The Demon eats Erik as Gavin watches with horror. Gavin attempts to leave the house, but is trapped.
Despite Gavin’s belief that he is a loser and that Erik had all that life offers, he ends up having one thing Erik doesn’t, altruism.

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