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Down to Clown

Short Film (13 min)

United States

Kevin, Emmett, and Ronnie are clowns struggling to find work in a world that is afraid of them. After running over and killing a homeless old man in their clown car, the three clowns have to find a way to dispose of the body to prevent further defamation of clowns.

Brian Lachowski
Brian Lachowski
Sarah Bene
Julia Reed
Director of Photography
Patrick Grealis
Key Cast
“Kevin the Clown”
Jack Palisin
Key Cast
“Emmett the Clown”
Aidan Callahan
Key Cast
“Ronnie the Clown”
David Sollberger
Key Cast
“Homeless Man”
Davis Cameron Chu
Key Cast
“Cop #1”
Brandon Lakowitz
Key Cast
“Cop #2”
Davis Cameron Chu

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