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Early Official Selections

We are proud to announce this early round of official selection films & screenplays that will be a part of our inaugural Cleveland Horror Fest!

The list below is incomplete–we are still taking submissions up until September 20th, so if you have a horror film or script that you’d like to submit for consideration, you can do so here.

We will continue to announce films & screenplays as we finalize our schedule.

Congratulations to all of the filmmakers and screenwriters whose projects have been selected–we’re looking forward to sharing these with the rest of the world this October 1st – 3rd!

2021 Cleveland Horror Fest Official Selections (partial list)


“The Beach House” (United States)” Dir. Jeffrey A. Brown

“Dwellers”  (United States) Dir. Drew Fortier

“Hellweek: 10th Anniversary Edition” (United States) Dir. Eddie Lengyel

“Night Caller” (United States) Dir. Chad Ferrin

“Rebirth” (United States) Dir. Roger Conners

“Reeds Point” (United States) Dir. Dale Fabrigar



“A Serpent by the Nest” (United States) Dir. Brandon Lazenko

“Going Fishin’?” (United States) Dir. Ned Sanders

“MERIDIAN” (United States) Dir.  Jack Rooney

“Straw Man” (United States) Dir. Andrew Alan K.

“The Wolf” (United States) Dir. M.r. Fitzgerald



“The Amber Thief” (United States) Dir. Jonathan Riles

“…And Then the Darkness” (United States) Dir. Andrew Huggins

“Apartment 3120” (United States) Dir. Kinsley Funari *World Premiere

“Because I Can” (United States) Dir. Ron George

“Bee-El” (United States) Dir. CJ Vecchio

“Best Day Ever” (United States) Dir. Austin Torres

“Beyond the Light” (United States) Dir. Julie Simon

“Bloody Geyser” (United States) Dir. John Maslowski

“Chateau Sauvignon: terroir” (United States) Dir. D.M. Night Maire

“Creature” (United States) Dir. Larissa James

“Down to Clown” (United States) Dir. Brian Lachowski

“Great is our Sin” (United States) Dir. Austin Taylor Jacobs

“Home Before Midnight” (United States) Dir. Jacob Piller

“Human Trash” (Spain) Dir. Aitor Almuedo Esteban

“Left Alone in the Snow” (United States) Dir. Rickey Bird

“Murderer” (United States) Dir. Eli Manos

“Night of the Devil” (United States) Dir. Anthony Calvitti

“Radio Report” (United States) Dir. Nicholas Alexander

“Reunion” (United States) Dir. M.r. Fitzgerald

“Room” (United Kingdom) Dir. Jacob Bellmore

“ofuda” (Japan) Dir. yoshinobu nakamura

“SCRIPT” (Italy) Dir. Piero Cannata

“Stir Crazy “(United States) Dir. Nick Muhlbach

“Three Short Horror Stories” (United States) Dir. Logan Fry

“Tics” (United States) Dir. Ted E. Haynes

“The Ultimate Hide and Seeker” (United States) Dir. Sarah Bene

“Woodsman: Blood Battle” (United States) Dir. Dr. Scott E. Brosius



“AT THE MERCY OF FAITH” (United States) by Samuel Taylor

“AT THE MERCY OF FAITH – Alternative” (United States) by Samuel Taylor

“Blood Red Leather Hell” (Norway) by Julian Tepfers

“Closet Space” (United States) by Glenn Lissner

“Consecrate” (United States) by Chris Gordy

“Dark Site” (United States) by Harry Kakatsakis

“Dark Twinkle Holiday” (United States) by Genevieve Sipperley

“Demonicon” (United States) by Sean Whitley, Shane Whitley

“Envious” (United States) by Glenn Lissner

“False Shepherd” (United States) by Dawson Roebig

“Fear Catcher” (United States) by Shane Thompson

“Girls Trip” (United States) by Gabriela Anglada

“Hysteria (script)” (United States) by Jenna Payne

“Let’s Play a Game” (United States) by Shane Thompson

“Nana Vesper” (United States) by Eric Lawson

“Nightmares Unleashed” (United States) by Matthew Mark Hunter and Audrey O’Bryo

“Review” (United States) by Jonathan Zarantonello

“Room Mate” (United States) by Torin Penwell

“Skeleton Falls” (United States) by John Kestner

“Symbiosis” (Germany) by Jana Forkel

“The Boneyard” (United States) by M.r. Fitzgerald

“The Creep” (Canada) by Sarah Pugsley

“The Taxidermist” (United States) by Maggie Dominiak

“The Virgin” (United States) by Trysta A. Bissett

“Vested” (United States) by Jay Stamatis, Edmond Coisson

“Wrathwood” (United Kingdom) by David J. Keogh, Ammar Agha

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  1. Thank you for selecting my short film, “Night of the Devil”. I am excited and honored to be a part of the Cleveland Horror Fest!

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