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Short Film (12 min 34 sec) United States When 4 friends mess with Nail Clippers at night, an old superstition causes deadly consequences… Tariana, a high school senior who is graduating, wants to attend college with her 3 friends, only… Read More »Clippers

Unknown Caller

Short Film (13 min 35 sec) United States Thomas receives a phone call on his way out the door. The call turns into a heated conversation, while on his drive, bringing up a deadly past.


Short Film (9 min 43 sec) United States Through flashbacks, an alleged alien abductee reveals details of her traumatic experience to a detective, until the horrifying truth explodes.   News & Reviews “Short film looks to create horror, suspense through… Read More »Abducted


Short Film (16 min 35 sec) United States A married couple working to overcome a rough patch goes out to the desert to focus on each other. When a masked maniac breaks into their home on Halloween night they’re forced… Read More »Treats


Feature Film (1 hr 20 min) United States WINNER, BEST FEATURE: 2021 HorrorHound Film Festival. In the dog days of 2020, a year in which every hour brought a new horror, a group of old friends stumble across a very… Read More »FRESH HELL

Lost Cat

Short Film (10 min 32 sec) United States Margot tries to cling to a relationship that’s falling apart even if it means having to look for a cat which she blames for all her romantic misfortune. This time however it… Read More »Lost Cat