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Feature Film (1 hr 39 min)

United States

Written and directed by Roger Conners, Rebirth was conceived as a tribute film to George A. Romero’s iconic masterpiece Night of the Living Dead. Tragically, the film was thought to be lost until miraculously the hard drives were restored, and the film as you know it was reborn.
What begins as an annual visit to their family gravesite quickly becomes a night of sheer terror as two brothers are unexpectedly forced to fight back against a sudden onslaught of violent assailant. Soon, eight complete strangers find themselves barricaded inside a rural farmhouse in an attempt to survive against the ever-growing army of murderous creatures outside.

As the night drags on, they soon begin to realize that the real threat is not what’s trying to get inside.

It’s each-other.

Not so much a remake as it is a modern-day retelling of the ground-breaking horror masterpiece, Rebirth will attempt to tackle the human and political topics the original piece is so recognized for and readdress them from a modern angle. Topics acknowledged in the original film such as racial prejudices and government control will be once again brought to the forefront while interjecting the ideas of homophobia and religious influence on modern society.

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