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Three Short Horror Stories

Short Film (8 min 52 sec)

United States

Three short stories from world-renown (not always for the right reasons) Lone Buzzard Filmworks: a slasher film, a ghost story, and a zombie film. A film for every taste.

Logan Fry
Logan Fry
Logan Fry
Director Statement

I don’t work by formula, so I’m always experimenting with genre, film technique and presentation.

“Three Short Horror Stories” is a compilation of three short films from Lone Buzzard Filmworks, all made during the pandemic. The compilation includes “Oh, Baby!” – a tribute to a famous scene from “Night of the Living Dead,” where Karen, now a zombie, kills her beloved mother, Helen, in the basement.

Then “Pandemic (House of Bones)” – a short film about a dead wife who returns to the bedroom she shared with her now sick husband, and suffocates him to end his misery. A happy ending. Together again.

Finally, “Days of the Last Death.” Following an unmerciful coronovirus pandemic set in the years 2024-25, only two humans remain on earth. All others have died, and have risen from the dead, and are now zombies. When the wife dies, too, she returns to take the life of her grieving husband.

The pandemic has been awful, and these films capture just a small part of its deadly toll.

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